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How Engaged Is The Workforce?

  • 32% are engaged
  • 51% are NOT engaged.

*based on the 2015 Gallup Study

Why Employee Engagement?

The current turnover rate is approaching 65%, while recruiting costs are running approximately 1.5 times the average annual salary. Engaging and retaining valuable employees has a tremendous impact on a company culture and performance.

  • Lowers turnover rate and recruiting expense
  • Employees become committed, dedicated and motivated
  • Customers become better engaged through better service
  • Increase sales and profit
  • Increase in stock price

The Benefits:

  • Gives the employer a way to properly engage their employees
  • Delivers the appropriate message for the appropriate occasion
  • Provides a tangible keepsake that they can cherish for years to come
  • Outlasts short-term gifts like flowers or gift baskets
  • Offers ways to engage with the product
  • Customized with your company logo on the inside insert
  • Personalized with your employee’s name on the inside card