Beyond This Day: Corporate Sympathy Gift

Provide Comfort With Bereavement Gifts for Coworkers … When it Means the Most

A Sympathy Gift Expressing Care & Concern

Beyond This Day is a bereavement gift for coworkers that offers universal comfort and support to an employee and their family after losing a loved one. This personalized sympathy gift is a permanent remembrance of their late family member, making it a far superior funeral gift other than flowers.

Your company’s desired inscription and logo is emblazoned on Beyond This Day, providing a reminder that you cared when the employee needed it most. An enclosed sympathy card provides opportunity to write a personal message to the recipient.

Grieving is a journey. Beyond This Day provides personalized comfort with non-religious messages of support and hope. This unique sympathy gift becomes a resource during grief … and a memorial keepsake for the future.

A Consistent, Non-Religious Message of Care & Concern

Beyond This Day is written to provide comfort and inspiration to the grieving family. By focusing on the universal emotions we all experience, the bereavement gift provides support to the entire family and is suitable for all families regardless of their personal beliefs or convictions.

Request a Sample to Review

We verify all requests. In order to receive a sample for review you must be:

  • A business of over 25 employees
  • Shipping to a valid business address
  • Not a current customer

*These requirements are subject to change or exception. If you would still like to be considered to receive a sample please add your exception to the comments when you submit a request.


The Strength of Our Program

Our program affirms to the employee and their family that they are not alone in their grief. The simple act of sharing a condolence gift from your company to help them remember the life that was lost is an enormous comfort to those who receive it. The profoundly positive impact on the family is apparent when the employee and the family thankfully respond to your Human Resource department for caring enough to send such a meaningful memorial tribute in honor of their loved one.

Beyond This Day not only reminds the employee that your company truly cares, but conveys a message of personal concern to the entire family.

What's Inside

“Remembering: The Record of a Family … The Memory of a Life”
• Record of the funeral service
• Place for a Photograph
• A Family Register
• Journal Pages
• Friends and Family memories

“A Time to Mourn: Walking with the Sorrow … Living with the Grief”
• Grief is an individual experience
• The Common Denominators of Sorrow
• How to face the emotions that surface.
• Kinds of Losses
• Who was lost? (parent, spouse, child, friend…)
• How were they lost? (sudden, sickness)

“Seasons of Feelings: The Movement of a Year … The Movement of a Heart”
• A full year of aftercare
• Monthly meditations
• How to meet birthdays, holidays and anniversaries
• Encouragement and inspiration to carry forward

“The Way of Hope: Helpful Connections … Helpful Bereavement Resources”
• The Willingness to Ask for Help
• The Practical Things that Follow
• Additional Reading
• Helpful Organizations and Websites

When It Matters The Most

• A dignified and permanent tribute that will be cherished by the family.
• Impressive in appearance at 8.75” x 11.125” with gilded edges and padded cover.

Send The Right Message At A Cost-Effective Price

Beyond This Day controls, and in most cases, lowers your bereavement costs and provides you with the appropriate response when it matters most.

Presentation Options

Each presentation option includes the Beyond This Day memorial volume. The volume is written exclusively for the grieving family and is a lasting resource. A personalized insert and matching sympathy card presenting your company name or logo identifies your company as the donor of this tribute. The family will always remember the care and support shown at a time when they needed it most.

Beyond This Day


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