Employee Baby Gifts For New Parents

Employee Baby Gifts

Jane feels her baby kick. It distracts her from her work but she can’t help but smile. She can’t get comfortable in her desk chair anymore because her back hurts no matter what, but she can’t help but smile. She can’t help but smile because her baby is almost here and your company recognized it with a thoughtful gift.

The birth of a child is probably one of the greatest moments of someone’s life. The problem is the stress leading up to it! Whether your employee is pregnant or pursuing an adoption or even if they have a surrogate, the time leading up to the arrival of the little one is stressful.

It’s important for a company to not only recognize them with employee baby gifts. But to best increase employee engagement it is important to also make special concessions for pregnant employees. But what measures can you take to ensure that your pregnant employees are properly supported?

All pregnancies are different but there are some commonalities as well. Most every pregnancy includes the struggles of back pain, cramping, heart burn, restlessness and all kinds of things. No company will ever be able to fix all of these struggles, but showing effort is the name of the game.

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Tips for Recognizing a New Parent

Give Them a Parking Spot

A simple way to help a pregnant employee is to give them a parking spot that is closer to the door. Also, a cushion for their desk chair or even a new chair, will show a clear sign of care and support as they go through this journey.

Sensitivity Balanced with Excitement

The default position is general excitement for the event, but sometimes your employees don’t want to hear how great it is that they are expecting. Sometimes they just want the baby to finally arrive (especially in the last two months). Be careful to read the situation and decide whether a sensitive approach or an excited approach is needed.

Don’t Reduce Them to Just Being Pregnant

Make sure all of your conversations aren’t just about the baby and how she is feeling. Her manager needs to develop the relationship with her beyond just the pregnancy. If every conversation they have with her is about the pregnancy, then she isn’t going to feel like an individual. She’ll feel like all her manager can do is have small talk about something that hasn’t changed in nine months.

Throw Them A Baby Shower

Maybe it is in the break room or off-site but gathering all for some drinks, snacks, employee baby gifts and games will leave a lasting impression on the employee. The company should bring a gift and maybe invite the employees to do so as well. Have her manager present the company’s gift at the shower, that way she gets her spotlight and the others see firsthand how much the company cares.

Don’t Forget the Dads!

Sure men aren’t carrying the baby and aren’t dealing with the same struggles of pregnancy, but they are excited to! You may have to get creative for the Dads out there, but they should still be recognized. You could throw a diaper party for them or gift them in private something helpful for them through the pregnancy.

Remember Adoptions!

An adoption is an incredibly stressful experience. As a company, you should examine your adoption benefits and there should be no difference between your adoption leave and your maternity/paternity leave. The bonding time after placement is as critical, if not even more critical for adoptive parents as it is for biological parents.