Meet the Experts Who Make Our Employee Engagement Blog Thrive

Milestones is tremendously fortunate to have a stable of original, creative thinkers to write “Humans Over Numbers,” our employee engagement blog. Sometimes they’ll address gifts for employees … sometimes not … but you never know, so keep coming back!

Brian Gallagher – VP & Content Director of Milestones

Brian has served the human resources market for nearly a decade. Holding a master’s degree in Accounting and Data Analytics, he comes from a place of numbers … yet has dedicated his career to promoting the human element of business. Concurrently, he created the Humans over Numbers blog, dedicated to the “human” side of human resources.

As resident author of Milestones, he interacts with human resource professionals every day. He uses these insights to draw conclusions and form opinions. Whether at a SHRM conference or on the phone, Brian is dedicated to forging meaningful relationships with HR professionals, to help them form meaningful relationships with their employees.

Brian is available for consulting services or speaking engagements. Married with three kids, he is a big Survivor fan and fantasy football guru. He is also a novelist, and teaches at Belmont Abbey College in his spare time.

Heather Dulin – Director of Talent Acquisition and Org Development at NOV and Founder of People On Purpose Blog

Born into a family of self-made entrepreneurs and strong women, Heather approaches life with an “I got this” mindset. Having worked since age 15 to put herself through graduate school and grow her career in a predominately male industry, her background is rich in academic achievement and life experiences.

Heather attributes her career success to four fundamental values: 1. Show up and be yourself; 2. Give a damn; 3. Get uncomfortable; and 4. Don’t expire. These have allowed her to face new frontiers head-on, working through economic downturns, mergers and acquisitions, and building a dream team inspired to help make the world a better place, every day.

She founded the “People On Purpose” blog to illuminate issues and challenges associated with job searching, the workplace, and life in general. She aims to “keep it real” with her audience, while sharing a unique, future-forward stream of thought.

Heather Dulin
Kyle Crooke

Kyle Crooke – Life Development Coach | “People Skills” Speaker | Strategy & HR Author | Master Your Mission

Kyle enjoys long runs in the park, heavy weights, and gymnastics. He’s a triple threat!

He’s also passionate about all things related to employee engagement, company culture and talent management. He authored a book on individual engagement, a playbook on organizational engagement, and regularly contributes to Humans over Numbers with his perspective on the intersection of technology and humanity.

Kyle relishes personal development coaching and business consulting. His biggest joy comes from helping others via mental health advocacy, fitness, and wisdom-sharing. He’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Live your life with purpose, passion, and persistence. God bless!

Elisa GarnHR & People Executive | Chief Disruptor | Student of Design Thinking | Executive Director, Utah SHRM

Elisa has spent more than 15 years in human resources, recruiting and business development, primarily with small- to mid-sized businesses. A true Xennial (the microgeneration between Gen X and Millennials), she is often an early adopter with a tremendous natural curiosity – especially for people!

Elisa’s passion for the HR profession is obvious. She has served as President of the Salt Lake SHRM chapter, co-founded DisruptHR SLC, currently serves as Executive Director for the Utah SHRM chapter, and acts as an advisor to, and member of, several business-focused groups. She holds the SHRM-SCP, SPHR, PRC, and SHRM Talent Management Specialty Credential certifications.

A true believer in the global role HR can fill to create a better human experience, her career path focuses on advocacy for, and influence on, progression of the HR function within the business environment.

Elisa Garn
Jeff Kortes

Jeff Kortes – Employee Retention Speaker | Recruitment Expert

A national speaker and published book author, Jeff has more than 25 years’ experience in human resources, gained working at companies in manufacturing, construction and software development. He has worked to recruit, retain and develop employees at well-known companies such as ConAgra Foods, SPX, Midas International and American Crystal Sugar.

Jeff is the founder of Human Asset Management LLC, which helps organizations recruit, engage, develop and retain talent.  He is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and a frequent speaker on the topic of loyalty, employee retention, recruitment and culture building.

Jeff is an avid high school wrestling fan, CrossFit participant and U.S. Army veteran. He’s written several books including Give Your Employees C.R.A.P… and 7 Other Secrets to Employee Retention and HR Horror Stories…True Tales from the Trenches. Visit his web site or follow Jeff on Twitter (@jeffkortes) for ongoing advice about employee retention.

Lena Clark-Copeland – Corporate Relationship Manager | Veteran

Lena Clark-Copeland is a US Navy retiree who has worked in customer service and employee relationship for over three decades. She has served her church in ministry and her community in mentoring.

Lena founded Aspire Ahead LLC, a career and personal development consulting business and Venus Warrior Vets, a non-profit organization both created to assist, coach and empower women through training, outreach resources and speaking engagements on veteran topics.

Lena’s passion has always been to help and serve others whenever needed. She has one Son who is an author and an entrepreneur.

John Sydney Tighe – Certified Grief Counselor, Expert in Employee Grief, Author of Beyond This Day

John is an editor with Good Will Publishers Inc., the parent company of Milestones. He has written three books on bereavement, two children’s books and two volumes on married life. A published poet, John has authored a novel, a story set in his hometown in the year he was born. His portfolio contains a growing number of short stories, too.

John is a grief recovery specialist and former addictions counselor and community educator.

He and his wife are the proud parents of three grown children … and are tapping their fingers on the kitchen table anxiously and eagerly awaiting grandchildren!

Felix Du Sablon– Employee Engagement Specialist

Felix Du Sablon aspires to be a polymath, or Renaissance man. He is enthusiastic about fitness, reading, learning, and exploring the world through art and science. He has a plethora of interests, but none more than spending time with his wife and daughter. He works as an employee engagement specialist at The Milestones Company in NC. Connect with him on Linkedin.