Questions about Gifts for Employees? We’ve Got Answers!

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How is the program administered?

Our employee gift programs are easy to administer. No contracts or order minimums apply. Our Employee Engagement Specialists provide suggestions and guidance, tailored to your company’s structure and policies, to implement our corporate gift programs.

Our gifts for employees cover a wide range of life and work events that workers experience. You don’t know when these might occur. Hence, many of our customers maintain a supply of Milestones employee gifts on hand, to respond immediately as needs dictate.

For example, the Executive chest (for retirements and anniversaries) is shipped complete with a personalized insert. To personalize the gift, a company representative need only provide the work anniversary or retirement details. The employee gift can be presented in person, or mailed to the employee’s home.


Similarly, Beyond this Day (bereavement) and Small Wonders (new baby) can be kept in stock, and used when needed.

What commitment do we have to make?

None. There are no contracts nor order minimums for our gifts for office staff. You can test the concept yourself by placing a sample request. We’re certain that experiencing a recipient’s reaction firsthand will convince you of the value of our unique office gifts program.

How long does it take from the time we place an order until it is delivered?

Your employee gifts order should be delivered within two weeks. You will be notified of any unexpected delays.

Our Company has multiple locations. Are we able to combine orders to qualify for discount pricing?

Yes. If combined corporate gifts orders are placed at the same time, we will ship designated quantities, and customize inscriptions, for each location.

What if the family is given one of the Programs by someone else?

Beyond This Day is not sold in the consumer marketplace, nor available to funeral homes, churches or florists. The family will always remember they received it from the company.

Do you have anything for Work Anniversaries, Birthdays, Weddings or Retirements?

Yes! Our keepsake chest can be customized for retirement gifts and work anniversary gifts. We have products in the works for additional life events. We plan to provide customers with unique and meaningful employee gift ideas for all important occasions. Suggestions? We welcome them. Contact us about gift ideas for employees you’d like to see.

Beyond this Day FAQ's:

Is Beyond This Day suitable for any family?

Yes. This unique sympathy gift is non-religious, and designed only to offer comfort and inspiration to a grieving family. The memorial book focuses on the stages of grief and related support, making it suitable for all families regardless of their personal beliefs or convictions.

HR is sometimes not notified of a death until after the funeral service?

It’s OK. Regardless of when Beyond this Day is presented, it serves as a thoughtful gesture from your company to the family. Beyond this Day is a permanent keepsake, a unique sympathy gift that serves as a lasting memorial and tribute to their loved one. Many customers’ employee families have spoken about how they waited until after the funeral to read and absorb the book’s thoughts and meditations, which moved them to place special mementos in the keepsake compartment.

Small Wonders FAQ's:

Is Small Wonders suitable for any family?

Yes. Small Wonders allows any family to capture memories of their newborn, regardless of their personal beliefs or convictions.

Is Small Wonders gender specific?

No. Small Wonders comes in green, making it appropriate for either a boy or girl.

Is Small Wonders appropriate for families who have adopted children?

Absolutely! Small Wonders is not just about birth, but all the precious moments that parents witness as a child develops into a toddler. The journal ends at age 5, so would not be appropriate for children adopted beyond this age.