One Who Served: Law Enforcement (Retirement)

A Police Officer Retirement Gift Like No Other!

One Who Served offers retired police officers, and their families, a customizable drawer to display symbols of a police career in a dignified manner. Unlike shadowboxes and other gifts for police officers, the superior design and craftsmanship of this keepsake chest allows different pieces to be shown, plus artwork specially commissioned for this police retirement gift.

Law Enforcement Retirement
Law Enforcement Retirement

The top drawer of this unique police retirement gift has two handy pin boards, a sectional divider and clear protective panel, making it completely customizable.

A Tribute Gift for Police Officers!

The quality of One Who Served is unmatched: high-gloss finish, sturdy hinge design, matching classic drawer handles and high-end workmanship. Unlike other police retirement gifts, this keepsake chest can be displayed anywhere, and easily moved to different places.

Law Enforcement Retirement
Law Enforcement Retirement

Another unique feature: top panel displays badge or photo when chest is closed.

Our specially commissioned, customized insert pages

Include  your organization’s name, logo, badge or patch. The inserts also include individual’s name, rank, badge number, brief message and years of service.