Our Mission

Our mission is to offer the families of Law Enforcement a customizable and interactive way to display the symbols of one’s career in a highly dignified manner. The superior design and craftsmanship of our retirement chest is constructed to allow one to easily exhibit different pieces at different times. Conceived specifically as a gift to pay tribute to the service of one in active duty or a Law Enforcement retiree.

Our Retirement Chest

We offer 2 distinct models the Honor and Valor editions. Our Honor edition includes both a top compartment as well as a bottom drawer for displaying pieces symbolic of a military career. Our Valor edition has 1 area to display symbolic items. 

Each of our chests include a customized insert, handy pin boards in each display area that easily conform to the interior of the chest, a sectional divider, clear cover panels for protection and a locking feature for safety. Also included with both editions is a 4 x 6 display window on the top of the chest. In this area one can display their badge, have a specialized insert, or place a photograph. 

Custom Insert Pages

Our specially commissioned, customized insert pages (see below) include your organization’s name, logo, badge or patch. The inserts also include individual’s name, rank, badge number, brief message and years of service. 

One Who Served: Law Enforcement Presentation Pricing

Each presentation option includes the One Who Served volume and our commissioned law enforcement artwork. The matching card and personalized inscription permanently recognizes you or your company as the donor of this law enforcement tribute to the family.