One Who Served: Veterans

A Memorial Tribute To Veterans

For Veterans

One Who Served is a gift to be presented to the family when they lose a loved one. Created with the bereaved family in mind, this unique book provides a place to record personal information, special times and memories, as well as a section honoring our national heritage of military service. It provides help for individual family members as well as other helpful resources, such as how to retrieve military records and replace lost medals, current VA benefits, and listings of books on bereavement, organizations to call for help and websites specific to grief.

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Be There For Their Family

When you give our memorial volume, you recognize the very special contributions made by both veterans and their families to our country.

When you provide our journal to a son, daughter, husband or wife, you are telling them that “what you do is important, please record it for future generations”.

When you use our other products with our brand you tell the world, quietly without fanfare, that you are One Who Served.

And, most importantly, you remind them that there are those who continue to serve.

What's Inside

“Remembering: The Record of a Family … The Memory of a Life”
• Record of the funeral service
• Place for a Photograph
• A Family Register
• Journal Pages
• Friends and Family memories

“A Time to Mourn: Walking with the Sorrow … Living with the Grief”
• Grief is an individual experience
• The Common Denominators of Sorrow
• How to face the emotions that surface.
• Kinds of Losses
• Who was lost? (parent, spouse, child, friend…)
• How were they lost? (sudden, sickness)

“Seasons of Feelings: The Movement of a Year … The Movement of a Heart”
• A full year of aftercare
• Monthly meditations
• How to meet birthdays, holidays and anniversaries
• Encouragement and inspiration to carry forward

“The Way of Hope: Helpful Connections … Helpful Bereavement Resources”
• The Willingness to Ask for Help
• The Practical Things that Follow
• Additional Reading
• Helpful Organizations and Websites