Our History

Milestones is an Employee Gift company that is dedicated to helping employers effectively engage and recognize their employees. The products of Milestones help send the right message when an employee experiences a major life event, be it a cause to celebrate or to mourn. These gifts send a lasting message that strengthens the relationship between employer and employee while fostering a culture of individual recognition in the company.

Milestones sends this message through three primary product lines: Beyond This Day, One Who Served and Small Wonders. Although these keepsakes are our flagship products, our product catalog has recently expanded to cover all life events.


Milestones has humble origins. It is part of an 80+ year old family owned business called Good Will Publishers, outside of Charlotte, NC. The company just entered its fourth generation of family leadership. Over the generations we have offered our products and services door-to-door, over the phone and on Amazon and other websites.

Though the business has grown over the years, times were not always easy. But even during the Depression era, people wanted what we had to offer and over the many years of successful and rewarding business relationships, we have remained about one thing – spreading good will.

Our corporate clients in Milestones share in this mission as they pass on meaningful gifts to their employees. A Milestones gift isn’t just a quality book or card or attractive packaging, rather, it is a message, a message received and appreciated by so many, a message wanted and needed by many more.

Ours is a message that reminds the employee and their family that they are cared for and that they are not alone on the journey of life.

A message shared, when it matters most…Milestones!