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One Who Served: Law Enforcement Retirement Chest


We are excited to announce that we have a new Retirement Chest line coming soon. This item is no longer available but you can reach out to a sales representative, at 1-877-416-0157, to learn more information on our new product line. 


Our mission is to offer the families of Law Enforcement a customizable and interactive way to display the symbols of one’s career in a highly dignified manner. Unlike shadowboxes and other display products, the superior design and craftsmanship of our keepsake chest is constructed to allow one to easily exhibit different pieces at different times as well as to exhibit artwork especially commissioned for this project. It is conceived specifically as a gift to pay tribute to the service of one in active duty or a Law Enforcement retiree.

The elegant, high gloss finish, sturdy hinge design, matching classic drawer handles and overall workmanship of our chest is evident. Unlike other traditional gestures, the One Who Served keepsake chest may be displayed any-where in the house and easily moved from one place to another.

The top drawer can be completely customized with two handy pin boards that easily conform to the interior of the chest, a sectional divider and a clear, protective panel.
The bottom drawer may even display the service weapon among other pieces symbolic of a career in Law Enforcement. It also has two handy pin boards, a locking feature for safety, as well as a clear cover panel for protection.

One Who Served Law Enforcement with Wood Chest


The polished finish of the Legacy chest is an elegant, furniture-quality keepsake chest in honor thoughtful consideration your company has for the service of our veterans. The hand-crafted workmanship and personalized inscription insure your company that this memorial tribute will not be duplicated.

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One Who Served Law Enforcement with Leatherette Chest


The Signature chest, provides the family with a leatherette covered, hard-wood chest and offers the same keepsake compartment to present the book and house treasured mementos, photos and personal items.

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One Who Served Law Enforcement Book


One Who Served, Law Enforcement volume alone is designed as a gift to be presented to a family when they lose a loved one who serves or has served in Law Enforcement. It is a resource to help them through the bereavement period as well as a keepsake service. In these pages they can memorialize their loved one, and record special thoughts and learn how better to cope with grief. The final section provides resources for help.

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