Beyond This Day (Book Only)

beyond this day book

Beyond This Day (Book Only)


The Standard edition includes only the Beyond This Day book. To offer the most memorable and impactful bereavement gift possible, consider our Classic, Premium, Signature and Legacy editions.


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Beyond This Day is a sympathy gift for those experiencing loss offering universal comfort and support to the individual and their family after losing a loved one. This personalized sympathy gift is a permanent remembrance of their late family member, making it a far superior funeral gift other than flowers.

The Beyond This Day grief book features a beautiful, comforting design with a padded cover, elegant silver stamping and gilded pages. It is available with four different packaging options, ranging from the “Classic” velveteen pouch to the luxurious “Legacy” keepsake chest, each of which offer personalized inserts and sympathy cards.


Inside the Book


The Beyond This Day book features a comprehensive collection of bereavement resources for those who are facing a loss:

  • In “Part One: Remembering”, the family is guided through the process of memorializing their loved one: making a record of the funeral service, selecting a treasured photograph, journaling and documenting favorite memories of friends and family.
  • “Part Two: A Time to Mourn” addresses the grieving process by identifying common emotions and challenges that many people face, while recognizing that the journey is unique to each individual. For each member of the family, it recognizes and addresses who was lost – a spouse, parent, child, friend, etc. – and whether the loss was sudden or expected.
  • “Part Three: Seasons of Feelings” walks the family through the entire first year after their loss, offering inspiring monthly meditations and tips for how to manage birthdays, holidays and anniversaries.
  • Finally, “Part Four: The Way of Hope” offers a collection of critical resources for survivors of a loss and their families: encouragements to ask for help, practical tips for events and responsibilities that commonly follow a loss, and names and websites for organizations that specialize in bereavement and grief services.


The simple act of helping a friend or family member remember their lost loved one through a unique and personal gesture is an enormous comfort. The Beyond This Day sympathy gift affirms to the recipient and their entire family that they are not alone in their grief – and reminds them that you are supporting them.


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