Employee Retirement Gifts

Employee Retirement Gifts

Retirement Gifts

Carl is about to hang up the boots. He’s been working in your shipping department now for thirty years. He has mentored countless people and been a consistent employee for you. He has saved up enough and is excited to start the next chapter in his life with his wife. Your company recognizes him with a retirement gift for the work he has done and is reminded that his career at your company was well worth the effort.

Making an Impression on those Around You

Recognizing retirement will have an impact on all the other employees around you. Let’s take an example. Jack has been working for your company for thirty years, and he is finally about to retire. On his last day, you give him a card. Doesn’t that response seem insufficient for a thirty-year career? Now, Karen, who works with Jack, sees that and is appalled. What is she going to do? She is going to go tell everyone!

Let’s take the reverse. You call everyone together into the break room and say some nice words of thanks to Jack for his years of service. You recount a couple of anecdotes, some funny, some touching. Then you present him with a retirement gift customized with his name that can be kept and treasured. Jack receives a round of applause, and people take turns saying their goodbyes. What is Karen going to do in this instance? She is going to do the same thing as before. She is going to tell everyone!

A Special and Rare Occasion

Retirements don’t happen all the time, they are special and rare. Those events stick out in our memories. Birthday parties are great and all, but we go to a dozen a year. There may only be 2 or 3 retirements in a year (depending on your company). These are special moments that can’t go unnoticed. They have a heightened importance because the day you retire will be a much bigger milestone than the day you turn 42.

A Life Beyond the Job

Retirement is also a special event that recognizes the importance of life. We weren’t meant to work until the day we die. We were meant to live until the day we die. As Jack embarks on the next chapter of his life, people are reminded that their work is for the sake of their life, not the other way around. An employer who understands this will promote a better work/life balance for the employee.

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