Employee Retirement Gifts

Retirement Gift Ideas that Resonate

Retirement Gifts

Carl is about to hang up his boots. He’s worked in your shipping department for 30 years. As a reliable employee who’s mentored countless others, he’s excited to start the next chapter in his life. Your company recognizes him with a personalized retirement gift for his dedication. He’s reminded, yet again, that the hard work over the years was worth it.

Retirement Recognition = Employee Engagement

Retirement is a special opportunity for employee engagement – one that will be noticed by other employees.

Let’s use an example. Jack is retiring after working for your company for 35 years. On his last day, you give him a card. For 35 years? Seriously? Karen, who works with Jack, is appalled. What do you think she’ll do? Maybe tell a few – or a few dozen – other people?


Now, a reverse example. On Jack’s last day, you call everyone into the break room, and publicly thank Jack for his years of service. You follow by presenting him with a personalized retirement gift, customized with his name. The gesture draws a round of applause. Plenty of fond “good-byes” follow. Karen’s reaction is much different … as is what she’ll tell many other people.

The retirement gathering was all about employee recognition. You hit it out of the park.

Retirements don’t happen regularly.

Depending on the size of your organization, you might have a dozen (or more) birthday parties each year. Retirements? Far, far fewer. They’re special moments that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Personalized retirement gifts for coworkers mark the occasion in a memorable fashion.

Employees have a birthday every year. Retirement, typically once in a lifetime. When pondering retirement gift ideas, don’t settle for generic. Show that you take employee recognition seriously – and are sincere about honoring employee loyalty.

Are You Promoting Work/Life Balance for Your Employees?

Retirement helps reorient our priorities in life. We weren’t meant to work until the day we die. We were meant to live until the day we die. When an employee retires, their coworkers are reminded that they work to live, not live to work. They appreciate an employer who recognizes this, and seeks a proper work/life balance for its employees.

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