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The Individual Employee and 5 Ways To Recognize Them

The Individual Employee


  1. Jeanisa Moore

    Kyle Crooke, these are excellent pointers to an employer! Really, they could be used in every relationship that we have! If we show more interests, relationship building, doing kind things for each other, this is a real winning situation!
    I’m SO inspired by your knowledge of all of this! You are SO encouraging and kind in all that you write! Thank you for sharing this with me! It’s just simply fantastic and enjoyable!

    1. Kyle Crooke

      Thank you so much for your input, Jeanisa! These insights definitely apply to the individual, to business units, and to cross-functional relationships across the organization. The building blocks of engagement are transformative in elevating company culture and customer centricity 🙂

  2. Trevor

    If every organization followed the principles shared in this article, our workplaces would be filled with passionate leaders, and ultimately, the world would be a better place. This was very well written and hopefully, it could be spread far and wide. I look forward to reading more of these articles!

    1. Kyle Crooke

      I really appreciate your feedback, Trevor! It all comes down to purpose, passion, and persistence.

    2. Jackie Silveri

      Everyone managing employees should be reading this article!! So true how the interaction, the encouragement, the validation – how all of it plays into the how the employee feels about their work and the company and the leadership. Excellent article Kyle!

  3. Titia Niehorster

    Kyle I fully resonate with this article 🙏 Thank you for your valuable advice.

  4. Titia Niehorster

    Kyle I fully resonate with this article 🙏 Thank you for your valuable advice.
    Looking forward to your next article.

  5. Eunice Iruoma Ifeanyichukwu

    Kyle Crooke your article was articulate, your thoughts and ideas expressed in an intelligent sensible way. Your back story of every individual employee was catcy reaching deeper into finding the actions and showcasing the relevant background of every individual employee and how this could have effect, stating that employee engagement strategies have proven to reduce staff turnover, improve productivity and efficiency, retain customers and make more profit.

    Your highlights on importance of the five principles of employee engagement – Expression, Acceptance, Engagement, Validation and Belonging were superb as they generate synergies and greater influence which will drive productivity, innovation as well as improve the well-being of employees.

  6. Darren

    Increasing productivity and employee engagement by recognising individuals.
    Every emerging and current people leader would benefit reflecting on this article.
    Acknowledging organisational goals and the needs of individuals.

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