Work Anniversary Gifts for Employees

Work Anniversary Gifts

Work Anniversary Gifts

Time flies when you are as busy Kim. Its already been 5 years since she arrived at the company and since then she has poured all of her efforts into the job. She takes pride in her job and so it is only fitting the celebrate her work anniversary. Another year is a joyous occasion because she wants to be there.

Believe it or not, annual work anniversaries are incredibly important to recognize. The fact that they are not expected makes it more impactful when you do recognize it. Here is an important point to keep in mind. Most employees probably don’t even know the day they started. Sure, they have some sort of idea. “… I think it was August of 2010.” It is up to HR professionals and managers to reinforce the importance of the day their employee started because its not naturally important to the person. You are showing that the day is important to the company, because it was the day they came aboard and began carrying the company’s mission alongside you. A work anniversary gift is one of the best ways to recognize an employees anniversary.

Recognize the Day

A signed card, personal note of thanks and a public announcement is in order. Much like birthdays, big anniversaries should be recognized with a tangible gift. Whether it is some kind of glass piece, pin, brooch, plaque, or keepsake chest, these gifts will stay in their office (or home), displayed proudly for others to see.

Make a Process That Includes Everyone

Systematizing this is effective because if everyone gets a diamond pin or brooch when they reach their ten year work anniversary, it becomes a status symbol, worn proudly. When new hires come aboard and get to know their colleagues, it will have an invaluable impact on them to know that people have been working for the company for twenty plus years. That possibility immediately becomes a reality for them and many will aspire to be like that. They won’t always be worn of course, but when you have company events and parties, you’ll see those pins and brooches, and they will be a great reminder of the dedication that employee has for the company. Those little pieces are earned through something far greater and more valuable than just effort. They are earned with our most valuable asset – time.

Retirement Gifts Recognize Their Investment

Each year of an employee’s life is a personal investment into your company. By recognizing that investment with gratitude, you are acknowledging the sacrifices they’ve made. Sometimes all an employee needs is acknowledgement of their hard work. A work anniversary is the perfect time to do that.

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